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From a Delicious Smoothie to a Unique freddo and from variety of Beers to an Exotic Cocktail, We have it !!
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At Stickyminds Bar  you can enjoy a variety of  smoothies, fresh Juices, milk shakes always prepared at the time of your order with fresh squeezed juices,high quality pulpes ,syrups . read more…

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At Stickyminds Bar  you can enjoy your favor coffee, from a simple greek  coffee that we prepare it with the traditional way and not with the steam to a special freddo capuccino that we prepare …read more

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Greek Beers

Stickyminds Bar offer to it’s customers the opportunity to taste a variety of greek beers from vergina Brewery, a real greek brewery, draught kaiser and giunness. From Vergina brewery we offer….read more…

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Rock and cocktails ??!! Is it Possible ?? at Stickyminds Bar is reality 25 years now ! choose from 32 Coktails from the price list and live one unique experience accompany with great rock music…read more …

A Special Chance to listen broadcasts from Stickyminds around the world !!


Just Rock !!
Music trips from New Orleans with blues music, to our days with classic rock,heavy metal and more..

The phylosophy around the bar is based to a rock n roll music of the decades of 60’s and 70’s ,and not only, and to the feeling of communication with the customers who want to share their knowledge around the rock music and they want to talk about .. I am inspired by an aythentic guy in the history of rock n roll, the one and only….Rory Gallagher !! He rory-gallaghertook the blues to an another level of creation by mixing it with hard rock sounds and he create a unique style of music that i call it hard rock blues !! A gigantic talent, simple personality, that dedicate his life to the rock n roll music and he gave us a legacy of songs that we will never forgot it !!! Long Live Rory !!! This magnificent guy make me to dedicate my life to explore the known and unknown aspect of rock n roll music with bands such as…stone the crows, buffalo, tear gas, phoenix, bulangus, styx, armagedon back street crowler,carson,and more !!! The bar is decorate with simplycity in a irish pub style and the music that i play most of the times from a collection of vinyls that i have, around 700 , covers the whole aspect of rock’n roll world, from blues-rock-hard rock-heavy metal-greek rock and more … That’s why after so many years the most of the customers who passed from the bar Stickyminds they became friends !!!

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The Heart, The MInd and Soul of all this..

The Owner

Hi i am George. the guy behind of all this . I love rock n roll, its my passion, that”s why i create this bar to share it with other rockers around the world.. I hope to meet you one day…

The Bartender

For special Stuff
You will find me behind the bar to serve you what ever you like from your favour coffee to an exotic cocktail , always in highest quality standard in the world of alchohol.. Cheers !!

The DJ

for lgood rock music
How would you like to accompany your beer or your favor cocktail ?? with rock, blues, hard rock music ?? i am herre for you !! from a collection of 700 LP;s you will hear everything in a highest sound quality !!


Just to have a little Fun !
for 25 years i rock the world and the visitors of the Bar with a big smile and mood for conversation that’s why with most of the customers of the bar we becomes friends and they want to return again and again..

cocktail345Stickyminds Bar close 25 years at Palekastro Sitia Crete, little further from the main square of the village on the road to Zakros.

All this years outside on our yard covered of mulberry

 trees, we serve to our customers tasteful coffees, variety of beers,long drinks, smoothies  but most of all the special and unique cocktails with the magic touch of our bartender George, the owner of the place who give’s the whole energy and his passion on it .

At Stickyminds Bar we give the unique opportunity to travel through time with music that is unexpected for the reality of Crete, special in a close society like Palekastro..

Rock Blues Music.

Accompany with rock,blues,hard rock music from the unforgettable decades of 60’s and 70’s, where the important thing in music was the quality and not the quantity of our days ,with clear drinks as a gasoline and the music as a vehicle we make trips back in time, where everything was so innocent and the music use to bring people closer and not isolate them.

music trips from the cotton fields of new Orleans and the Mississippi river with blues music, to our days with classic rock,heavy metal and more progressive and alternative stuff..

with bands like.
Wiille Dixon, Muddy Waters, BB King Taste , Rory Gallagher, Stone the Crows, the band, Savoy Brown, Pink Floyd, Eloy, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Waterboys,and many many more..

We Just Keep on   Rocking Guys !!

The bar is open seasonally from May to the end of October every year, from 21:00 till ????.

Tel : 2843061528

Email :


And from 2019 highly reccomended to restaurant guru  global tourist guide !!


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Choose your Accommodation at Palekastro in a rock ' n roll spirit..

Sticky Minds News..

Since 2017 i start to offer to our customers brand new Ccktails of the year..For this year i create for you the Marzipan based on the orgeat syrup, the Apricito a cocktail based on apricots from the stickyminds garden and a special shoot Tiramisu based on a coffee syrup. Have you ever taste a drink that tastes ecxactly like the famous italian dessert ?...Cheers!

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